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Are you looking at engagement rings and not sure where to start or what style may suit you? You’ve come to the right place. We will help you to get started to make your journey easier.

First things first, “The Budget.” Work out how much you have to spend. Visit jewellers in your local area and spend plenty of time talking to the experts and listen to their advice. They will help you work out the size, quality and cut of the stone and the material to be used in the ring itself.

At the same time it’s a good idea to talk about the design of your wedding bands as you’ll be wearing your engagement ring and wedding bands for many more years than you will having only one ring on that particular finger.

It’s important the two rings compliment each other.

One of the most common things we hear in our business at Mason Carter from a prospective bride and groom is that they did not have any idea that the size and shape of their hand would play a large part in their choice of stone, like your gown or suit is a fashion statement that needs to work well with your natural features, your ring needs to enhance your unique hand shape too!


If you have long slender fingers or large hands. Your best choice would be a striking ring that’s not lost on your splendid appendage. We suggest, bold cuts and also to consider coloured stones when choosing your engagement ring. Coloured gems like deep ruby or emeralds that we have hand-crafted for our customers add a good splash of wow-factor (look out for hand-grabbing).

You can afford to select a wide wedding band or one with bold detail such as engraved or embossed patterns and combinations of metal. You might even consider the rich tones of onyx or black sapphire.

If you are a dainty-handed lady we recommend, engagement settings like solitaires and tension settings which also look stunning on smaller hands – especially if the stone is modest. If an enormous stone looks over the top on your hands, we help investigate options for you such as a higher –quality but smaller diamond.

Do You Prefer Darker Gems?

If you like striking darker gems for your engagement ring, the “cut” will be the key ingredient to creating a look that works well with your natural features. Filigree styles, clusters and grain settings are an excellent way to use plenty of sparkle without appearing to have a basketball grafted onto your left hand.

Regardless of your choice of stone, setting and metal. Your engagement ring and wedding band is more than an item of jewellery. It is a symbol of a love that is destined to last a lifetime and with some careful consideration, it’s sure to be a piece that is cherished and admired for a lifetime too!

Whether your design requirements are for something classical or distinctly modern, Mason Carter can craft and make a ring of unique character. Working from your ideas as well as century-old illustrations, Mason Carters three fine craftspeople are past-masters of creating exquisite eye-catching engagement rings that look delightful and fit perfectly.

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